Host a Cheese Tasting Party

9 Jan

I love cheese- really, who doesn’t?  After our trip to Jungle Jim’s, where we picked up loads and loads of fun cheeses, we decided to have some folks over for a little cheese tasting party.  Our stash of cheese was supplemented by another boatload from our friend Brian and some delicious cheeses and sausage from Cassie and Elam, who had just made a trip to Pittsburgh and were able to pick up some culinary delights from The Strip in Pittsburgh.

We didn’t do any formal rating, just enjoyed copious dairy and red wine, but the group favorites were the English Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Kenny’s Blue Gouda and the Iberico Three Milk Cheese. The loser was probably Coombe Castle Wenslydal with Cranberries- it was too sweet and kind of pasty.

All’s you need to do to host your own cheese party is get some cheese and some friends and bring them to your house. Wine helps with the friends part.  You can get fancy and made little signs and rating cards and choose a favorite cheese a la our vodka tasting party, or you can just hang out and eat cheese.

Row 1 (far left): Herbed Gouda, Manchego, English Applewood Smoked Cheddar, Blue Cheddar

Row 2 (second to left): Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese, Smoked Provolone, Kenny’s Blue Gouda

Row 3 (third to left): Widemer’s Eight Year Old Aged Cheddar, Serve & Belle Bouche Poitu, Single Vein Blue Cheese

Row 4 (far right): Coombe Castle Wenslydal with Cranberries, Iberico Three Milk Cheese, Rochefort Seaweed Cheese


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