Bucket and Bitters

13 Jan

Last night I got the chance to use two lovely libation-centered presents I got from my sweetheart for Christmas this year.  The first was a set of six bitters from the fabulous folks at Bittercube.  Bittercube owners Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplwitz have some serious cocktail cred- Kosevich won the first annual Iron Bartender competition in 2009 (umm, can I please be on the judge’s panel for the 2011 competition?) and Koplowitz bartended and managed the most fabulously chic bar I’ve ever been to, Chicago’s Violet Hour.  Last night I made one of three recipes that came with the set of bitters- a Classic Manhattan.  It packed a punch.  Definately not as sweet as your average bar Manhattan, but really tasty if you’re a bourbon lover.  And it uses my favorite bitter, Bolivar.  Recipe below (descriptions of bitters are by Bittercube).

2 oz bourbon (we used Bulleit)
.25 oz turbano sugar syrup
7 drops bolivar bitters (light and aromatic, with notes of chamomile, cinnamon and dried fruits.)
5 drops orange bitters (citrus forward with aromas of caramelized orange, coriander, and cardamom.)
3 drops cherry bark vanilla bitters (aromatic and potent, with hints of cherry, cocoa and Madagascar vanilla.)

stir with ice, strain into glass with fresh ice (I used the spherical cherry ice balls I made with my new spherical ice mold- holy crap does that sound bougie).

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Dale, that sounds delicious, but how in the world did you get the ice from your freezer to the table at which you were making the drinks????”  Don’t worry, friends!  The second of the aforementioned presents was a bright yellow ice bucket, made specifically for that purpose.  Who’s drinking in style?  I am.


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