Make a Mobile

17 Jan

A friend of mine had a baby shower this weekend and mentioned that while diapers and onesies are nice, she’d love it if her crafty friends decided to make her something instead of chipping away at her baby registry.  I’ve been wanting to make a mobile for a while now, so I jumped at this chance to do so.  The theme for the boy-to-be’s room is animals, which is perfect since I’ve had some little stuffed animals I bought at Ikea years ago hanging around my craft cabinet with no foreseeable use.

I took floral wire and braided a circle, which I wrapped with ribbon to create the base for the mobile.  Then I cut up an old yellow t-shirt to sew little flags all along the base.  The rest was ridiculously simple- I cut open the poor little animals and shoved a ribbon inside of them before stitching them back up, and sewed four of these to the base so they hung down. next I sewed four ribbons to the base and the last animal and tied them up to create the hanging system with an animal hanging down the middle.

Needing a card to accompany the gift, I whipped out my old carving tools and made this “Oh Baby!” card.

And then of course I had to wrap it all up, but seeing as I didn’t have any baby-themed wrapping paper on hand, I broke out my carving tools one more time to create a little duck stamp and stamp some wrapping paper before heading out for cucumber cream cheese sandwhiches, cake, punch and a room full of baby shwag.

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