Make a Travel Wellness Kit

28 Jan

I’m no great seamstress, but since getting a sewing machine for Christmas last year, I’ve been experimenting with some simple sewing projects with varying degrees of success.  One of my more gratifying undertakings was making a pouch for my sweetheart this Christmas.  I came up with this simple template that yields a pretty sharp little pouch, in my humble opinion.

I started making more of these pouches and since I seem to be doing a lot of traveling lately, I decided to make a little Travel Wellness Kit that I can bring with me during my wanderings.  I included cucumber face wipes (which save me from having to bring face wash and are a nice refresher during long car rides), and eye-depuffing stick (great for energizing yourself after a long plane or car ride), chap stick and Emergen-C (can’t get too many vitamins while you’re on the go).  I brought it with me during the fiasco that was last weekend, and I’ll tell you from experience that sitting in a parking lot and waiting for a tow truck is just more pleasant with a cup of Emergen-C and cucumber face wipes.

What you’ll need:

1 piece felt

1 equal sized piece of fabric

1 equal sized piece of fusible webbing


needle and thread


sewing machine (not necessary)

Travel necessities

1. Take a rectangular piece of felt and trim any piece of fabric to the size of the felt rectangle.  Trim the fusible webbing (you can buy this anywhere that sells sewing supplies- buy the roll instead of the tape) to the size of the felt as well.

2. Place the felt on an ironing board or other flat surface, place the fusible webbing directly on top of the felt and place the fabric directly on top of the fusible webbing.  Iron the felt to the fabric.

3. Place the felt/fabric on a table with the side you want on the inside of the pouch facing down.  Now fold the bottom of the fabric up so that 1-2 inches of the inside fabric is showing (this will be the flap that closes the pouch.  Pin the fabric in place and using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew from the bottom up to where the flap begins.

4. Using a needle and thread, use a flip stitch to sew around the edges of the flap for a rustic finish.

5.  Turn the pouch inside out, fold the flap over to close the pouch and iron it flat (if you chose felt on the outside, cover it with another piece of fabric before ironing.

6.  Identify the center of the flap both horizontally and vertically and using a pencil, mark a dot on that spot on the outside of the flap and on the fabric underneath it.

7.  Cut a slit just slightly smaller than the size of the bottom on the spot you marked on the flap.  Use the same flip stitch to sew around the perimeter of the slit to finish it.

8.  Sew your button to the spot you marked underneath the flap.  Button the pouch to close it.

9. Fill it with your own travel necessities and enjoy!


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