Make Your Own Sugar Cubes

6 Feb

I’ve always enjoyed ordering drinks that involve champagne and sugar cubes- it so fun watching the cubes dissolve into and fly to the top of the champagne flute, hitching rides on bubbles.  I decided I wanted to try making a simple cocktail with champagne, bitters, lemon juice, gin and a sugar cube for an upcoming party, but couldn’t find sugar cubes in any grocery store I visited.  It seems they’ve gone out of vogue.


I was frustrated until it occurred to me that it couldn’t possible be very hard to make a sugar cube from scratch.  After a quick search, I found that all you need to do is:
1) mix one cup of sugar with one tablespoon of hot water until it’s the consistency of wet sand
2) pack it into a mini ice cube tray
3) let it set for a few minutes
4) then turn the whole thing over, tap the cubes out onto a dry flat surface
5) let them dry for an hour or so.
Naturally I had to jazz them up a little, so for my first batch I used turbinado sugar, substituted orange juice for water, and added orange zest.  They were delicious, but the sugar was a little coarse so the cubes (actually more like gumdrops because of the circular shape of the tray I used) weren’t super smooth.
The next batch I made, I used lemon juice in place of water and added dried lavender blossoms to half and used rose water and dried rose petals in another.  Since I used white sugar for these, they were much smoother.
I suggest you make some and then use them in a champagne cocktail.
Champagne Cocktail
1 sugar cube
3 dashes of bitters
3/4 oz gin or vodka
1/2 oz lemon juice
Place sugar cube in a champagne flute and dash with bitters.  In an iced cocktail shaker, shake gin or vodka with lemon juice and strain into flute.  Top with champagne.

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