Make a Cat Playhouse

8 Feb

A few weeks ago my sweetheart came home from work carrying a large cardboard box.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked.

“A big cardboard box?” I ventured.

“No Dale,” he said, exasperated, “Use your imagination. It’s a kitty playhouse.”

Of course it was!  We brought it in and taped ribbons to the “ceiling,” put a blanket in the bottom and watched as our cats took turns playing and sleeping inside.

I was delighted by how much they seemed to love it, but by the end of the week I was getting a little sick of a cardboard box sitting in the middle of our living room. So I did what anyone would do- I fashioned a roof out of cardboard, spray-painted it green and red, stamped the inside walls to create wall paper, taped a picture of the two kitties inside like a little family portrait and fashioned curtains around the openings. At one point my neighbor came outside while I was putting the whole thing together and I strategically avoided eye contact so he wouldn’t ask me what I was making, forcing to me to either lie or explain that I was making a palace for my cats.  I’m not a crazy cat lady.  Really.


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