Host a Bourbon Tasting

26 Feb
A few weeks ago we decided to do yet another tasting, this time with everyone’s favorite amber liquor… bourbon!
Bourbon, to be sure, is an acquired taste, a taste that I myself did not acquire until moving to Whitesburg, Kentucky, where as a Chicagoan in the middle of Eastern Kentucky I felt I needed all of the street cred I could get.  I started with bourbon and coke, graduated to bourbon and ginger ale and now love bourbon in virtually any way it might be served.
We bought a few of our favorite bourbons and asked guests to bring their own.  We then did a blind tasting in we which we sipped the bourbons straight, decided which were our favorites (and least favorites) and tried to identify which was which.
We tried: Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Eagle Rare, Rowan Creek, Maker’s Mark, Maker’s 46  and George Dickel (not actually a bourbon, but rather a Tennessee whisky).  Bulleit and Dickel (surprisingly) seemed to be the favorites.  Rowan Creek was one of the less popular entries.
Our winner Nikki identified three of the five bourbons correctly and won some miniature bottles of spirits, homemade (though not by me) preserves and the sinfully delicious Benton’s Bacon.  Not only was it great fun,our lovely guests left us with five bottles of almost-full bourbon.
Why not host your own bourbon (or other spirit of choice) tasting?  Grab a few bottles of one kind of liquor, ask over a few friends and have them bring a bottle of their favorite.  Whether you feel like just sipping them, making them into cocktails or doing a blind taste test, it’s bound to be a good time.
photos by Shawn Poynter

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