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28 Feb
I’m super excited about the virtual grand opening of Offbeat Home, a blog dedicated to helping you create a comfortable space for yourself in this world.
Not only can I not wait to start following what promises to be an awesome blog, I’m pleased to tell you that a post of mine about creating fun mantle displays is featured on the blog!  Hopefully I’ll be doing more contributing to Offbeat Home in the future.

All About Mantles

More about the blog, straight from the blogger’s mouth:
Founded by Ariel Meadow Stallings, the evil schemer who brought you Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Mama, Offbeat Home is coming to break down your door and fill your home, apartment, trailer, or yurt with awesomeness.
When I think of Offbeat Home, I’m inspired by all the different kinds of living spaces I’ve experienced: 

• Funky, hand-crafted spaces
• Truly alternative shelters like buses, yurts, sheds
• Rentals and dorms, that with just a few key tweaks, managed to feel like home
• Small urban spaces

I want to celebrate things like:
• People making temporary spaces that feel like home, whether it’s a soulless 1980s Los Angeles rental apartment with vertical blinds or a Columbia University dorm room.
• Making the most of the space you’ve got (like turning a walk-in closet into a nursery!)
• Getting a new feel for your home without buying more shit (I’m thinking here of decorators like SpaceTransform who specialize not in helping you buy furniture, but in rearranging what you’ve already got.)
• Getting truly freaky with your decor

Offbeat Home would NOT be about:
• Ogling expensive furniture (I don’t need a couch that costs more than my car!)
• Propagating the American dream of home ownership (it takes way more creativity to work with a rental! That said, of course home ownership will be included.)

I’m beyond excited about Offbeat Home because unlike Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Mama, Offbeat Home is both un-gendered AND non-relationship-based. That second one is a kicker: on a certain level the Offbeat Empire is all about women in relationships with others, whether it be a partner or their families. Offbeat Home is just about YOU and YOUR SPACE. Not other people … although I do envision a category dedicated to Offbeat Entertaining, full of fabulous dinner parties and brunch potlucks and girls nights in.


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