Make Detox Tea

24 Mar

Full Disclosure: When I say “Detox Tea,” I actually mean “Hangover Tea,” though the tea blend here promotes detoxification of all kinds and is pretty tasty besides.

Full Disclosure Part 2: Once in a while I will find myself with a hangover.  This usually follows an evening during which red wine or champagne featured prominently.  There are few things I like less than having a hangover.  Every hangover I’ve experienced has resulted in a vow Never. To. Touch. Alcohol. Again., my commitment to which inevitably crumbles when I come across a fun new cocktail recipe, meet up with friends after work, or am sitting on the porch with my sweetheart when he offers me a beer.

Of course, the real cure for hangovers is to exercise moderation, but in the event you should fail to do so, it’s nice to have a remedy on hand to help you through the hurt.  An Asprin’s OK and a laying down with an herbal eye pillow might help, but in my opinion there’s nothing like a cup of tea to comfort me when I’m feeling puny.  This tea contains fennel (said to be good for digestion and a troubled stomach), milk thistle (said to promote liver function and act as a blood purifier), and peppermint (said to soothe troubled stomachs and headaches).  The combination of peppermint and fennel also makes it smell great.

I suggest mixing some up and storing it in a jar or disposable tea bags so they’re ready when you need them.  I made individual tea bags and used scrap paper and string to make tags before I stapled them closed.

Hangover Tea

Equal Parts:

  • milk thistle
  • fennell
  • peppermint

Mix ingredients and store in a lidded jar or disposable tea bags.

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