Open Road Project: Cave City, KY, Celina, TN and Hot Springs, NC

6 Apr

For those of you who don’t know, the Open Road Project is this: Each day I’m on a vacation, be it a month-long backpacking trip or weekend jaunt, I’ll  leave a section of Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road.” I might leave it in a B&B guestbook, tuck a note behind a hotel painting or write it on a dollar bill I spend at a hot dog stand.  I’m using a site called Everlater to track the poem’s journey on a map and you’ll be able to click through the poem’s progress stanza by stanza here.

Section 27- Cave City, Kentucky
We spent a warm March weekend visiting Shawn’s parents at their home in Cave City, Kentucky and getting our first glimpse of the 1970’s houseboat they recently purchased and now keep at the Dale Hollow State Park Marina.
I left the 27th section of Song of the Open Road in a sweet little antique store in Cave City, the name of which eludes me now.  We spent the good part of a day roaming around the town’s many antique stores, perusing blue Ball jars, old Coke crates and various sundry antiques.  I loved these shelves of colorful dishes, so I thought it was appropriate to leave the poem tucked among them.

RC crates

Ball Jars!

(Such a deed seizes upon the hearts of the whole race of men, its effusion of strength and will overwhelms law and mocks all authority and all argument against it.)

Section 28- Celina, Tennessee
I left the 28th section of the poem in Celina, Tennessee, where we visited Shawn’s parents new (to them) houseboat.  It was lovely spending the day sprawled out on the roof of the boat, reading and watching the water.  At night, the dock is lit with a series of lights marking each slip’s number.  I left the poem tucked in the light at slip H-5.

house boat at night

light-up dock

slip H-5

Wisdom is not finally tested in schools, wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, it its own proof

Section 29- Hot Springs, North Carolina
I left the 29th section of the poem in Hot Springs, North Carolina, where we spent this past weekend cooking, eating, reading and soaking in a hot tub with our lovely friends Mark & Amy and their daughter Avery.  I wrote it in the cabin’s guest book with a flower Avery picked on a walk outside.

guest book

Broadwing Farm Cabins

Applies to all stages and objects and qualities and is content, is the certainty of the reality and immortality of things, and the excellence of things.
To see past entries, check out the Open Road page.  Here’s a map of where the poem’s been so far, courtesy of Everlater.


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