Start Embroidering

4 May

I’ve always been enchanted by embroidery samplers, but always assumed they’d take more time, skill and patience than I have or am willing to give.  This is certainly true of some of them out there.  There are a ton of these puppies on Etsy, each more whimsical and painstaking than the next.

The intricacy of pieces like these has always impressed and intimidated me, but a few months ago a friend of mine was working on a  little sampler in a little embroidery hoop with little red letters that she was stitching freehand.  The simplicity of it was not only cute, but seemed doable.  I’ve had it on my list of things to do since then, but only this week did I set out to create my own.  It’s certainly simple, and is a bit rough around the edges, but it was fun to make (and calming- probably as close to meditation as I’ll ever get) and took only twenty minutes.
All you need to make your own is a piece of felt or fabric, a thick needle and embroidery thread.  Using any simple stitch, you create create words or designs freehand, or you can draw them on the fabric lightly and then stitch over the line.


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