Cocktail of the Week: Spicy Mulberry Cocktails

27 May

When I was child and young adult, I had the peculiar habit of reading cookbooks the way most people read novels– casually at a coffee shop, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea or tucked into bed right before I feel asleep.  Long before “food porn” became a household term, these cookbooks served for me a function very similar to the function porn serves for some of its consumers.  I was too young to have a kitchen of my own or have dinner parties with all my great friends or make my partner a lavish breakfast on a Sunday morning.  I couldn’t do the thing itself, so I figured I might as well read about people who were already doing it and get excited just fantasizing about it.

Because of this early exposure to various cooking methods and tools, good food pairings and a general idea of basic culinary proportions, I find I’m able to create a pretty tasty meal without ever looking at a cookbook.  This penchant for culinary improvisations did not apply to the world of cocktails up until very recently.  I started my cocktail kick a few years ago and began reading cocktail books and recipes in the same way I read cookbooks as a kid, poring over them to learn different proportions and combinations and how they work together.  I’m just now coming to a point where I’m able to create some pretty decent cocktails from what we happen to have around the house.

Yesterday some friends came over, one of them bearing mulberries from her mulberry tree.  We happened to have some watermelon, tequila, ginger beer and a lemon lying around, so I whipped up a spicy mulberry cocktail. What cocktail could you make today with what you have around the house (hint: pickle juice, hot dog and vodka cocktail is an acceptable answer).

Spicy Mulberry Cocktail (makes 2)

  • about 10 fresh mulberries (you can’t buy mulberries in stores because they’re so perishable, but you likely know someone that has one in their yard and is dying to unload their berries on someone)
  • 3-5 1 inch square chunks watermelon
  • 1 Tbs demerrara sugar
  • 4 oz. tequilla
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • ginger beer (the spicier the better. I recommend Goya)

muddle mulberries, watermelon and sugar in a cocktail shaker.  add tequila and lime juice and shake.  strain into a glass with ice fresh ice cubes and top with ginger beer to taste.

For more recipes like this one, check out the Domesticity page.


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