Pimp Your Desk

12 Jul

Remember when I whimsified my workplace?  Turns out, that didn’t cut it. First off, the little post-it flags kept blocking the menu bar from my view.  Second, it just wasn’t enough.  Last week I was sitting at my desk, where I spend the better part of my eight hour work day, and realized it said absolutely nothing of my personality.  There was not a single thing on my desk that delighted me.  So I decided to fix it right there and then.  I ran around downtown Knoxville over my lunch break in my not-quite-worn-in gladiator sandals, giving myself blisters in the name of whimsy.  I bought a vintage tablecloth from the thrift shop.  I got a great calendar from Yee-Haw Industries.  I bought cigar boxes for $1 from the cigar store to store my various sundry office supplies.  I ran home and got a few figurines.  I now LOVE coming to work.  No joke.  I’m not sure how long this honeymoon period with my desk is going to last, but I can say it’s worth it to make just a little effort to make your work space somewhere you actually want to be.

For more projects like this one, check out the Things to Try page.


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