Make an Aromatherapy Inhaler

15 Jul

Years and years ago I remember being at a hippie grocery store with my mom and coming across a collection of little white tubes with drawings of colorful people on the labels.  I don’t think I knew what they were, but have always liked compact things with pretty labels, so I asked my mom if I could have one and she actually acquiesced.  She showed me that it was an aromatherapy inhaler; the little tube housed essential-oil soaked cotton that, when placed under (or, for the very brave, inserted into) one’s nose allowed one to enjoy a calming and refreshing olfactory experience.

Since then, I’ve bought several of these little tubes, each with specific blends of oils to facilitate relaxation, rejuvenation, motivation and other desirable -ations.  It never occurred to me that I could make my until recently.  I poked around online and found a company in nearby Asheville, North Carolina called Dreaming Earth Botanical that make empty inhalers with wicks that can be soaked in your favorite essential oil (or combination of oils) just by dropping maybe 10 drops onto the wick and then inserting it into the tube and capping it.

I have a summer cold I’m fighting off and have been enjoying a mixture of equal parts eucalyptus, rosemary and tee tree oil.  You can go wild making up your own combinations. For a list of some basic essential oils and their functions, check out my apothecary post.

Warning: I would be remiss not to mention that there is no way to enjoy these inhalers without looking like you are, or are about to, stick a tampon up your nose.  But you know what?  Worth it. 20110715-101153.jpg

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One Response to “Make an Aromatherapy Inhaler”

  1. Anonymous July 4, 2013 at 4:51 am #

    I remember those, too. I had one that had the phrase, “I am strong and full of energy” printed on it. My friend had one that said, “I am calm and centered”.

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