Hang a Pegboard for Your Pans

10 Aug

I’m part of an online craft forum and one of the members recently sent the following message to the group:

I need help!!! I just moved into a kitchen with very little cabinet space. I need cheap (CHEAP) ways to increase that space!

Always eager to help a fellow crafty lady, I thought I’d share one of the ways we’ve found to deal with our own lack of cabinet space- a pegboard for hanging pans. This was VERY easy to construct and will run you maybe $40 for all supplies (or less, if you can scrounge up peg board and some 1×2’s from friends, your garage or elsewhere).

You’ll Need:

  • peg board (we used two 3×6 foot pieces next to each other, but you can use any dimension you like)
  • two 2×3’s for each piece of peg board you’ll be mounting. these should be just about an inch shorter than the pegboard itself
  • level
  • power drill
  • 3 or 4 inch screws with anchors (3 per 2×3)
  • 1.5 inch screws (4 per 2×3)
  • hooks for hanging
  1. hold the peg board up the wall the get an idea of where you’d like it to be.  mark the outer edge with a pencil on the wall.
  2. using your 3 or 4 inch anchored screws, screw your 2×3’s into the wall so that the outer edge of each is just inside the pencil mark you made. screw in at the top, middle and bottom.  use your level to make sure the two pieces of wood are level with one another.
  3. have a friend hold peg board level while you screw the peg board into the 2×3’s on each side.  screw in the four corners first, make sure it’s level and then screw in the remaining screws down the length of each 2×3.
  4. using hooks (you can find ones designed for a pegboard at any hardware store), hang up your pans and other gadgets as you please!

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One Response to “Hang a Pegboard for Your Pans”

  1. 2012chelseaoldhomeday June 6, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    Love this idea and your blog!

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