Make a Planter Out of a Speaker

19 Aug

A quick note before the post:  I want to do a blog post featuring a gallery of pictures of people at work. If you have a free minute in the next few days, take a picture of yourself at work (however you define that). It can be a simple picture from your computer’s camera/a mobile device or you can stage an elaborate portrait of you fixing your roof or discovering the cure for cancer. Possibilities = endless. Then email it to me at Come on, it’ll be fun!  I’ll be posting it on Monday  And now, on to the speaker planter…

After making a hammock last month, I realized I needed a little table to set a beverage (and my book, when I decide it’s time for a nap) and was using an old speaker off of which Shawn had taken the woofer thinking we could make it into something cool. Once we set a bowl of chips in the empty hole where the woofer had been, attached wheels and used it as a rolling chip cart.  We soon discovered there is not much need in our lives for a rolling chip cart.  So we removed the wheels and the chip bowl and I’d hauled it out back for my makeshift hammock side table.  But I knew we could do more with it.

Inspiration struck after making the hanging planters and I was thinking of what I could do with the leftover coconut husk lining.  I realized if I turned the speaker on its side and stapled it to the top, I could leave a little dip where the woofer had been and use it as a combination planter/hammock side table.

I cut the liner to the approximate size of the speaker.  I was lucky because since it was made for a rounded planter, there was already a bowl-like dip in the liner.  If not, I would have had to do a little cutting and sewing to allow it to dip down enough to accommodate soil and plants.

I then folded it over and stapled it to the edges of the speaker.  After that, all I had to do was add soil to the “bowl” area where the woofer was, plant my plants and add a little moss. I then hoisted it onto two cement blocks so it’s a comfortable height for drink/book resting on the hammock.  I tested it out last night and am happy to report that it did not disappoint.

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