Roll-Up Sunglass Wedding Favors

30 Aug

This weekend, thanks to the help of my lovely friends Mickayla and Lila, I completed my first wedding project.   It feel a little Type-A to be doing craft projects for a wedding that’s eight months away, but I want to make sure the lead up to the wedding is as fun and relaxed as possible.  Waiting until the last month or two to start the real dirty work will basically ensure I turn into a B-word (Bridezilla, duh) and freak out daily.  So it’s just best to get a head start.

In thinking about what to do for favors, I wanted to find something inexpensive but also fun and useful.  I started thinking about things people might use at the wedding.  It’s outdoors and in the middle of the summer, so it’s sure to be hot and sunny.  Bugspray?  Sunscreen? Sunglasses! I remembered a pair of roll-up sunglasses made from what looks like camera film and a handmade store in Chicago.  I wondered if I could make something like them, or find them online.  A little research revealed that you can definitely find them online— and they’re cheap ($40 for 100)!  Turns out, they’re mainly used by optometrists who give them to patients to wear back home after they dilate their eyes.  These were perfect!  Useful, cheap, portable and bound to create some fun photo opportunities!

Next, I got a bunch of small linen bags– you can buy these online or at party supply stores for about 50 cents apiece if you look around.  I carved two stamps- one with a pair of sunglasses and one with three little hearts.  Then we started the assembly line.

We stamped the bags (black ink for the glasses, red for the hearts), added gold foil stars to each of the glasses, stuff the glasses in the bags and were done!  Each favor cost about $1.25 and we made 100 of these puppies in a couple of hours.  These will make great favors for a summer wedding, but would also be fun for a beach party or cookout.

For more projects like this one, check out the Entertaining section of the Domesticity page.


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