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Make a Fascinator

30 Sep

I’m unsure why fascinators are called such, but that did not stop me from making one with the extra fabric leaves I had left over from boutonniere making. I’m going to a wedding in October (for which I made a backdrop and a banner) and guests are encouraged to wear fancy hats or fascinators. I’ll be sporting this little number:


Latest Banners

28 Sep

I’ve been busy with banners lately, but I just got the latest round done and so I have a little time to rest my sewing muscles and update this here blog.  Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Oh, how I love this banner!  It was commissioned by the Gay Ole Opry, Brooklyn’s premier queer country music extravaganza.  For those of you in the Brooklyn area, consider checking out their upcoming event on October 14 at Southpaw.

“Yes and” is a principle of improv comedy which basically boils down to accepting what your fellow actors contribute to a scene and building upon their contributions to make the scene more interesting.  It’s really the only hard and fast rule of improv and a principle that I try to keep in mind during any collaborative endeavor.  It encourages spontaneity and collaboration and almost always results in something more interesting and fun.  It’s at the heart of what we’re trying to do at Artistic License, an organization my sweetheart and I started to foster creative collaboration in and beyond Knoxville.  I made this banner for a friend I did improv with in college and who also happens to be the funniest person I know.

  I made this banner for my friend Kathleen’s wedding. Her wedding is plum and orange, so I used vintage purply and orangey fabrics I had on hand to create this little beauty.

Make Tea (and grow Stevia)!

22 Sep

This summer I bought a Stevia plants which I planted and then promptly forgot about.  Stevia is an herb in the sunflower family most notable for its very sweet leaves.  Apparently it’s ten times sweeter than sugar, is all natural and has no calories to speak of.  The future-husband and I went for a walk today and upon returning home, I noticed the Stevia plant that I’d been ignoring for months and decided to finally put it to some use.

I had a fantastic evening planned out, during which I would do nothing other than making soup, doing some crafting and playing with our new kitten.  I decided to use said Stevia for a cup of tea to fortify me for these exciting ventures.  I decided upon a calming mix of chamomile and lavender and used the Stevia as a nice subtle sweetener.

Calming Tea

  • 1 tablespoon dried chamomile
  • 1 teaspoon dried lavender
  • 5 leaves fresh Stevia (bruised- folded, crushed, smashed with a spoon)

Pace ingredients in tea strainer or linen bag and add to about one half cup of boiling water.  Let steep for ten minutes, remove strainer and sip.

For more recipes like this one, check out the Domesticity page.


16 Sep

OK, can we talk for a moment about how hard it is to spell “boutonniere?”  It’s a little like “Hors d’oeuvre,” at which I am equally inept at spelling.  I’ve been spelling both of these quite a bit lately as I’m working on wedding planning which has most recently consisted of boutonniere making.  I’ve been working at a computer for the better part of my work day (not to mention this blogging thing I do sometimes) and have never had a hint of carpal tunnel syndrome, but these boutonnieres left my carpal tunnels totally wrecked.  Don’t worry, though, I put on some workout clothes, did some strenuous stretching and have come away unscathed.

I’d love to give y’all a detailed how-to for these little buddies, but my technique was kind of free form (haphazard) and my documentation was inconsistent (I forgot to take pictures), so I’ll instead direct you to the far more exacting Martha Stewart tutorial off of which I based mine.  I used felt and vintage fabric for the leaves and then added thrift store baubles for a little flair.

Stenciling Fun

15 Sep

My lovely friend Kathleen is getting married next month and is having a Cowboy/girl-themed party the night before (ingeniously called Inlaws and Outlaws).  I volunteered to make a photo backdrop for the party and completed it this weekend with the help of the ever-talented Steph Untz.  We cut stencils of cacti and other various western-type shapes out of cardboard, bought an armload of spray paint and a bolt of fabric and went to town.

Water Splash Photo Shoot

13 Sep

Somewhere on these great interwebs, my sweetheart happened upon this awesome photo of a woman getting splashed in the face with water and got inspired to put together a water-themed photo shoot of our own.  We called upon our fabulously photogenic friends and took turns spraying, splashing and dumping water on one another, which we didn’t mind at all because it was hot as Hades.  Below are some of my favorite shots.  For more fantastic photos by the ever-talented Shawn Poynter, check him out at

New Wedding Custom Orders

13 Sep

Check ’em out, and while you’re at it, mosey on over to my Etsy page and order something yourself!