16 Sep

OK, can we talk for a moment about how hard it is to spell “boutonniere?”  It’s a little like “Hors d’oeuvre,” at which I am equally inept at spelling.  I’ve been spelling both of these quite a bit lately as I’m working on wedding planning which has most recently consisted of boutonniere making.  I’ve been working at a computer for the better part of my work day (not to mention this blogging thing I do sometimes) and have never had a hint of carpal tunnel syndrome, but these boutonnieres left my carpal tunnels totally wrecked.  Don’t worry, though, I put on some workout clothes, did some strenuous stretching and have come away unscathed.

I’d love to give y’all a detailed how-to for these little buddies, but my technique was kind of free form (haphazard) and my documentation was inconsistent (I forgot to take pictures), so I’ll instead direct you to the far more exacting Martha Stewart tutorial off of which I based mine.  I used felt and vintage fabric for the leaves and then added thrift store baubles for a little flair.


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