Resuscitate your Car Air Freshener

10 Oct

If you’re like me, you’ve had the same strawberry scented car air freshener hanging on the rear view mirror of your bright yellow Mustang convertible for the past year (read: since you bought the car).  OK, so that might be a little specific, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s left a little cardboard tree hanging in my car long past the point it stopped smelling like anything at all.  Aside from the fact that I admire any scent that shares a fragrance profile with My Little Ponies (Seriously, I once went so far as to buy scented shoes because they reminded me of the little equine dolls), I admire the classic strawberry tree air fresheners for their classic they’ve-not-been-updated-in-so-long-they’re-now-retro-cool-without-meaning-to-be design.  Rather than kick my little red tree to the curb like a sad Christmas tree on New Year’s Day, I decided to give it some new life.  The cardboard these things are made of is super absorbent, so all you need to do to get your tree smelling again is to splash about ten drops of your favorite essential oil(s) onto it and let it absorb.  It’ll be as good as new.  I chose a relaxation blend I had on hand (I’m a nervous driver, so it seems appropriate), but you can get creative with mixing your own.

For more ideas like this one, check out the Apothecary page.


One Response to “Resuscitate your Car Air Freshener”

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