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Make a Pillow and Doormat from an Old Rug

29 Feb

From this... this!

After a recent fruitful trip to IKEA, we decided to retire our old porch rug, which was looking pretty rough after my misguided attempt to clean it using bleach. Not sure what I was thinking would happen there, but unsurprisingly, it caused big blotches of discoloration.

I hate throwing things away, but knew the rug was in bad enough condition that no one else would want it, so I decided it could just use a little repurposing.

I cut out the segments that weren’t too badly bleached.  With one of these, I made a rug simply by cutting out a rectangle and hemming the edges.  We’d been needing a new mat for the back door any way, so it was perfect.

New doormat!

I’ve been on a pillow kick lately, so I used the second undamaged section as the front of a pillow, which a sewed to a same-sized piece of red fabric, machine sewed all four sides, while leaving a small hole on one side to stuff it.  Then I sewed up the hole with embroidery thread and a thick needle (necessary since the rug was thicker than most fabric) and liked the look so much I stitched red all the way around the pillow.

red stitching

New pillow!

Next time you’re about to toss something because it’s stained or ripped, see if there’s some part that salvageable!  Fun!  Thrifty!  Green!

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Go on a Picnic

28 Feb

It’s still a little chilly here in Knoxville, but the sweetheart and I decided to bundle up and go on a little picnic this weekend anyway. We headed to one of our favorite little fancy grocery stores, spent way too much money on cheese and bread, packed up a blanket and headed out for a late Sunday lunch. It made me so very excited for spring to arrive.  I think late winter picnics may become a new tradition.

Make a Name Pillow

27 Feb

Shawn’s goddaughter Avery is turning five in March and coincidentally, she’s also trading in her tiny pink IKEA bed for a big ol’ Queen sized one.  To commemorate this momentous occasion, I thought I’d make her a birthday present to complement her new bed.  I took some fabric I thought she’d like an sewed a simple square pillow case.  Next I cut out her name in felt letters and stitched them on before stuffing and sewing the pillow closed.  Here’s hoping she likes her bedroom bling!

Photos by Shawn Poynter.

Cocktail of the Week: Frozen Tart Cherrytini

27 Feb

I’m a big fan of  Kitchen Play’s monthly menus and blogger contest, but I haven’t tried one of their recipes for quite a while.  This month they’re featuring a cherry-themed menu sponsored by the Cherry Marketing Institute.  I made the Frozen Tart Cherrytini* and really enjoyed its tart sweetness.  I used raw sugar and skipped the frozen cherry garnish since they didn’t have any available at our local co-op.  If you find cosmos too sweet but like them in theory, this is the drink for you!

Frozen Tart Cherrytini  
Servings: 4

12 frozen pitted tart cherries
2 Meyer lemons (or regular lemons if you can’t find them)
3 tablespoons sugar
2 1/2 cups tart cherry juice, chilled
1 1/2 cups vodka
2 cups of ice cubes

Thread 3 tart cherries onto each (4-inch) cocktail pick or skewer and keep them in the freezer until they are ready to serve.

Zest one Meyer lemon onto a shallow dish, mix together with sugar, set aside. Cut lemon in halves and “rub” the cut-side of the lemon against the rims of the 4 martini glasses Dip the rims of the glasses into the lemon-sugar. With a vegetable peeler, peel the other Meyer lemon.  In a large pitcher, twist the lemon peels to extract the natural oil, and leave the peels inside the pitcher after the twisting and squeezing.

Squeeze the juice from both lemons into the pitcher and add the cherry juice and vodka. Fill a cocktail shaker with 1 cup of ice. Pour 1/2 of the vodka mixture into the cocktail shaker and shake for at least 20 seconds.

Pour into 2 of the prepared glasses. Repeat with the remaining vodka mixture. Place a cocktail pick with frozen tart cherries onto each glass and serve.

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Photos by Shawn Poynter.

*Check out the link for a non-alcoholic version of this drink!

Wedding Things

16 Feb

I’ve been enjoying working on a few small wedding projects this winter.  I really enjoy assembly-line type projects that I can work on while listening to the radio or watching a movie.  A few things I’ve been working on lately:

gold snail shells for flowers

salt and pepper shakers


welcome bag

Make Your Own Valentines

13 Feb

We’re keeping a low profile this Valentine’s Day– no overpriced prix fixe meals or crappy chocolates for us.  But I still can’t pass up the chance to send out some good old fashioned snail mail valentines, so I carved a stamp and made postcards that’ll allow me express to friends and families some of the things I love about them.

Strawberry Cordial Cups

9 Feb

When I came across a recipe for strawberry cups via Sweet Tooth this week, they seemed like the perfect little sweet treat to perk up what’s been a drizzly, dreary week.  In Erica’s recipe, she froze her strawberry cups after coring them and dipping them in chocolate, but I left mine fresh, poured a little chilled Chambord liqueur into each cup.  Shawn sipped his first, then ate the strawberry.  I just shoved the whole thing into my face.  Either way works.

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