Make a Pillow and Doormat from an Old Rug

29 Feb

From this... this!

After a recent fruitful trip to IKEA, we decided to retire our old porch rug, which was looking pretty rough after my misguided attempt to clean it using bleach. Not sure what I was thinking would happen there, but unsurprisingly, it caused big blotches of discoloration.

I hate throwing things away, but knew the rug was in bad enough condition that no one else would want it, so I decided it could just use a little repurposing.

I cut out the segments that weren’t too badly bleached.  With one of these, I made a rug simply by cutting out a rectangle and hemming the edges.  We’d been needing a new mat for the back door any way, so it was perfect.

New doormat!

I’ve been on a pillow kick lately, so I used the second undamaged section as the front of a pillow, which a sewed to a same-sized piece of red fabric, machine sewed all four sides, while leaving a small hole on one side to stuff it.  Then I sewed up the hole with embroidery thread and a thick needle (necessary since the rug was thicker than most fabric) and liked the look so much I stitched red all the way around the pillow.

red stitching

New pillow!

Next time you’re about to toss something because it’s stained or ripped, see if there’s some part that salvageable!  Fun!  Thrifty!  Green!

For more projects like this one, check out the Domesticity page.


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