Stop Motion Paper Video: Pale Blue Line

21 Mar

I’m lucky enough to be friends with one of my favorite musicians of all time.  I met Alexa Woodward through mutual friends and am glad I hadn’t heard her music before being introduced, because I probably would have been too star struck to carry on a conversation.  Since then, however, I’ve fallen in love with her music, especially her 2011 Album It’s a Good Life, Honey, If You Don’t Grow Weary.  I’ve been wanting to do more stop animation, so I offered to create a video for the first track on the album, “Pale Blue Line.”  When we discussed the making of the video, Alexa told me:

The song is inspired by a place in Big Bend in western Texas, a hike that leads to a tremendous drop off where you look out at a huge expanse of desert land.  The story I envisioned was a woman jumping off of the mountain there, out into the desert.  What happens next is up for interpretation….

I so enjoyed making this video, creating a little world with an X-Acto knife, some printer paper and a table cloth.  OK, so it’s not quite as impressive as Josh Ritter’s much talked about “Love is Making Its Way Back Home video,” which uses 12,000 pieces of paper to create some stunning animation, but I’m still pleased.


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