Make a Pillow Pile (a space of one’s own)

4 Apr

So you know all those pillows I was working on a few weeks back?  They were all part of my master plan to create a little corner of my own in the house.  As much as I love sharing space with Shawn, I started feeling like I wanted a little space just for me.  Shawn has a shed in the back that he uses as a workshop/woodshop and general manly hang out spot.  I’ve thought about building another shed out back for my own little workshop, but that would take more time, money and energy than I have right now (not to mention that it would severely limit the room for badminton-playing in the backyard).

Our house is small, so I had to get a little creative in thinking of how I could create a little spot for myself.  I realized that I’ve always wanted an area where I could sprawl out and read in a giant pile of pillows.  I did a little location scouting and realized that we had a spot next to our couch that would be perfect– it’s cozy, tucked away and right under a window for reading and napping in the sun.

So I set about sewing myself some pillows, gathering a few blankets and rugs and buying some meditation pillows.  I’m so pleased with my little spot.  It’s great for reading, napping, meditating and dreaming.

Welcome, friends, to my little corner of the world.


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  1. Dorna April 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm #


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