22 May

I assure you, dear friends, that I am not turning this into a wedding blog, though it may appear to be one at the moment.  I also apologize that I’m not actually giving any instructions on the projects I’ve been posting lately.  After my sweetheart and I are married on June 2, I promise that this blog will morph back into a collection of posts that are hopefully more interesting than all the “LOOK AT THIS THING I MADE FOR MY WEDDING!” posts I’ve shared recently.

But in the meantime, LOOK AT THESE BASKETS I DECORATED FOR MY WEDDING!  One is a basket for cards and one is for our flower girl.  They were pieced together with buttons, fabric scraps a glue gun and leftover pieces from some boutonnieres. I was trying to avoid them looking too craftsy/cutesy/kitchy, but then I just gave in.  Once you start hot gluing buttons to things, you’re no longer in “handcrafted and elegant” territory.  You’re in “cute handmade” land. Meh, it’s not such a bad place to be.


One Response to “Baskets!”

  1. jennifer lebeau May 31, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Happy Wedding Week!!!!

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