Give Your Shoes a Makeover

12 Jun

I had a pair of nice little Clarks flatsthat I’d planned to wear during the wedding, but once they arrived, I couldn’t help myself and started wearing them to work almost every day.

Inevitably, one of the shoes acquired some mysterious stain on the heel.  A big one.  This is why I can’t have nice things, especially ones I am supposed to be saving for a special event.

I decided to see if I could save them.  Lucky for me, colorblock is all over the pace, so it’s totally fashionably appropriate to just paint the heels of one’s shoes another color.  My dress had peach/coral beading, so I borrowed a few of the beads from the awesome woman who made my dress and sewed them onto the front of the shoe.  Then I mixed up some acrylic paint and carefully painted both heels with two coats to cover the stain and sprayed it with a matte sealer spray
to avoid cracking.  Perfect!


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