Make a Feather Tag for Gifts

20 Jun

I love buying books when I’m on vacation.  There’s nothing like going into a little bookstore, picking out a book and knowing you can get it sandy or spill your coffee on it or fall asleep while reading and drool all over the pages.  However, we have limited space in our little house, so I rarely hang onto novels after I’ve read them.  I bought Michael Cunningham’s  By Nightfall when we were on our honeymoon in South Carolina, and thought my friend Rachel would like it, so I sent it her way.

Never one to pass up the opportunity to make things needlessly cute and quirky, I decided to wrap it up like I bought it just for her and wasn’t just sending it away to save some space on the bookshelf.  I had some random feathers hanging around, so I painted her name on one of them and secured it to the book, which I’d wrapped in plain butcher paper and wrapped some twine around the whole thing.  Voila!  A five minute endeavor turns a hand-me-down book into a bona fide gift.

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