Make Giant Fancy Balloons

28 Jun

I’ve long admired Geronimo Balloons.  These giant, festive balloons pretty effing whimsical.  They’re also a little pricey.  One of these puppies will set you back $60-$100, not counting helium.

Geronimo Balloons

I considered purchasing one for our nuptials this June, but our budget just wouldn’t allow dropping that kind of dough on a balloon.  So I decided to gather the supplies to make our own. And if I do say so myself, they turned out pretty darn well.

photo by Brian Wagner

Giant Fancy Balloon


Inflate balloon at party store (or, if like us, you’ll be miles away from the nearest one, purchase a helium tank to bring with you).  Attach to metallic fringe drape with duct tape and make sure it’s secure.  This will be your main balloon string.  Attach several pieces of crepe streamers.  If you like, get creative and make them fringey or create crepe tassels (we, alas, ran out of time).  Attach these to bottom of balloon as well.
The whole thing will cost you about $30-$50, depending on your helium situation.  However, you can fill two balloons with one portable tank, cutting the cost per balloon almost in half. They’re fun, easy to make, and create an instant party vibe.

One Response to “Make Giant Fancy Balloons”

  1. jennifer lebeau June 28, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    that is really cute! i was thinking about something like that for Cosette’s 2nd birthday party. it will be outside in late August so HOT 😦 the balloon will probably sag LOL
    i also like the ribbon/crepe paper fringe under tables so it looks like a skirt.

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