Make Polish Fire Vodka

21 Aug

We spent this past weekend at a viking-themed festival that friends of ours throw every year, and we were encouraged to bring infused spirits. Obviously inclined to oblige, I decided to make a recipe my friend David shared in the comments section of a vodka infusion post I did a few years back.  His recipe for “Polish Fire Vodka” sounded like the perfect viking libation to sip around a campfire.  And it was.  Though the flavors of cinnamon and clove remind me of fall and holiday seasons, it worked well for a late summer drink, too.

Krupnik (Polish Fire Vodka)

  • Up to 1 1/2 cups quality honey (I tend to use less)
  • 2/3 cups water
  • Cinnamon sticks – 1 or 2
  • Cloves – 2-3
  • Black peppercorn – 4-5
  • 1/4 tsp (or so) nutmeg
  • 1 tsp vanilla or 1 vanilla bean
  • 2-3 strips lemon peel (not too much pith- use your vegetable peeler and be gentle)
  • 1-2 dried red chiles (Thai hot peppers are nice)

Bring just to the boil. Remove from heat. Cover and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Uncover and allow to cool.

Add one bottle Schmirnoff vodka. Stick it in the fridge and forget about it for a couple of weeks.  Strain out the solids, if desired.

For more recipes like this one, check out the domesticity page.


One Response to “Make Polish Fire Vodka”

  1. Sarah Burghardt August 22, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    That sounds AMAZING!

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