Send a Card to Someone You Love

31 Jan

Is there anything better than getting a card from a friend out of the blue?  Well, I suppose I would rather get a letter from a long lost relative telling me they want to give me all their money to finance my food truck.  Or get offered a role in a really cool indie film.  Also, falling in love with my husband was better.  And holding my friend’s baby for the first time was pretty great.  FINE.  There are lots of things that are better than getting a card in the mail.  But it’s STILL AWESOME. So I challenge you.  Pick a friend.  Make them a card.  Send it.

What kind of card should you make?  The cut out card below is easy to make and you can customize it for any situation and relationship.  Two of my friends had birthdays recently, so I opted for traditional birthday greetings, but feel free to get creative— “Sorry I drank all the bourbon,”  “I’m so glad you quit your terrible job,” “You are definitely hotter than your ex’s new partner,” etc.


Cut Out Card

Draw your greeting on the front of the card.  You’re going to be cutting it out, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Using an X-Acto knife, cut out your letters.


Paint the inside of the card a solid color or pattern, or glue a piece of paper to the inside so that another color shows through.




6 Responses to “Send a Card to Someone You Love”

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