Make Button Valentines

13 Feb

As cheesy and commercially co-opted as Valentine’s Day can be, I do love an excuse to send out notes to people I love.  This year I decided to think outside the cardstock rectangle and make a tiny little “card” out of buttons. As long as you can write small, this project is as easy as it is cute (and in my opinion, it’s pretty darn cute).



Step 1: Locate two buttons of roughly the same size.  If you like, you can spice the “cover” of the button card up by gluing a smaller button to the top with a hot glue gun.

Step 2: Get a piece of paper and fold it accordion-style, with the fold being slightly smaller than the circumference of the button.
Step 3:  Cut the button to a small square.

Step 4:  Cut semi-circles on the top and bottom of the square, but do not let the curves touch one another.

Step 5:  Open your accordion.  There should be a line of folded connected circles.


Step 6:  Write a message to your valentine across the circles.

Step 7: Glue one side of your accordion to your “cover” button with a hot glue gun.  Glue the other side  to the back.

Step 8:  Give your button valentine to someone you love.


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