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Moving the blog over to Dale’s Fried Pies

11 Apr

Hello Friends.  As you may have noticed, I’ve not been updating the ol’ blog much.  Last August I started Dale’s Fried Pies, a mobile pie stand here in Knoxville.  Now, less than a year later, I’m in the process of rehabbing a food trailer.  I’m super excited about that, but am also super busy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to keep this blog as fresh and interesting as I’d like, and so I believe it’s time for me to officially call it quits here.  I’ve had so much fun documenting my various projects and interests over the last few years, and have really enjoyed interacting with so many awesome folks through this blog.

I will be blogging at Dale’s Fried Pies, and want to start incorporating more food/drink recipes and crafty stuff into the posts, so check out the Dale’s Fried Pies blog and get your fix there!